A letter from the Staff

We want you to know that at Swift River Medical Associates we are open and treating patients with many different conditions, some related to COVID-19 as well as others.  We are currently offering appointments in the office as well as video appointments from home. Video appointments can be conducted with either a cell phone or computer.

We continue to take many precautions to minimize everyone's risk of infection.  In addition to the office and clinical staff wearing masks there is frequent sanitization and cleaning. We request that all patients wear a mask, and we can provide you one if needed. Anyone with respiratory or other possible COVID-19 symptoms will be treated with special precautions, starting with calling from your car when you arrive for an in-office visit.

If you have an urgent medical concern, or are due for a routine follow up or physical, we encourage you to call and schedule an appointment. Please do not delay your care. Your health and safety are our utmost concern. 


COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus)  


As of this time our knowledge of the New Coronavirus (COVID-19) is limited but it appears that the best way to prevent acquiring it are the same techniques that are used to avoid other viruses such as the Flu.

  • Avoid close crowded spaces where you cannot remain 10 ft away from others.
  • Avoid any contact with people who are potentially infected.
  • Avoid geographic locations with known high densities of Covid-19 infection.
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth, especially after contact with people or surfaces.
  • Wash your hands well with soap or other hand cleaners after any potential contact.
  • If soap is not available, use hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol 
  • Keep yourself healthy and well rested.
  • Cough away from others into your elbow, not your hand.
  • If you are potentially infected avoid all contact with others.

What to do if you develop a cough:

  • If you have severe symptoms including high fever and significant shortness of breath, proceed to the ER.
  • If you have a fever, are fatigued, have significant body aches and symptoms that have only lasted 2 days or less call the office for possible flu testing and treatment.  This only applies to those that are at high risk for complications due to advanced age or having serious medical issues. 
  • If you have a cough, but no fever or shortness of breath it is most likely a simple viral upper respiratory illness or “cold” and you should stay at home and rest until you  recover.
  • If you have an appointment for a cough or possible Flu when you arrive at the office remain in your car and call the office at (413) 213-0550 to check in.  You will then be called to enter through the door on the right side of the building when we are ready. 

Who will possibly be tested for Covid-19:

Only those who have traveled to a location with significant amounts of Covid-19 cases, or direct close contact with a confirmed case who also has flu like symptoms; such as fever, cough, body aches should be tested, if tests are available.  If meeting this criteria individuals will be first tested for the Flu and other lung infections and then if they are all negative they will be tested for Covid -19.  Currently the testing is very limited and results are likely to be available 7-14 days after being done, which may make the testing less helpful. 

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Video Visits

  Due to these unprecedented times we are currently scheduling some video visits for certain appointments to reduce patient and staff risks. The video below provides detailed instructions of how to operate a virtual visit if you are scheduled for one.  Once the video is playing click the bottom right button if you want to watch in full screen mode.